Another try.

Ugh.  I’m grossed out with myself.  I fell and messed up my ankle enough to keep me from running for several months and in that time I’ve packed on ten pounds.  Time to get back to work.  The diet’s pretty stable, lots of hummus and salad with the occasional chocolate binge.  I’ve developed a really unhealthy addiction to salted caramel mochas but I only let myself slip once a week at most now (I like to call it Faturday).  I have, however, been making huge strides in that whole “stop dressing like a dude” thing.  I started getting my hair cut and dyed by someone who isn’t my aunt in a place that isn’t her kitchen.  Totally worth paying to have someone else deal with this hot mess, I’m so on that.  I’m also being more attentive with things like washing my face, exfoliating, and lotioning.  I’m really not fond of lotioning, it’s cold and slimy but it’s better than having leather skin (Thanks Colorado.  Asshole.).


This is a horrible picture but my hair looks friggin’ awesome.

Did I mention I now live with four dogs?  The Fella and I adopted a pit bull named Bender and he was so cute I accidentally came home with a German Shepherd mix named River.  Squeaky and McGruff have their own two dogs, Delilah and my puppy’s littermate Trillian.  So yea, lots of dogs.  And since we accidentally switched them from their expensive, healthy dog food to a bag of processed sawdust then back again, a lot of gas.


They were SO little. River on the left, Trillian on the right. They’re five times this size now and won’t stop farting.

I’m going to try jogging on the treadmill tomorrow morning, we’ll see how that goes.  I haven’t had a lung issue since I’ve been here (Thank goodness, we all remember last year’s flu/pneumonia/chest cold epidemic) and I’ve actually been sans cigarettes for…  I dunno, four months?  I sneaked one a while back and ended up feeling sick for half the day.  Ankle still feels a little fragile but I figure I can wait a year for it to feel 100% or I can cowboy up.  After reviewing my last posts I realize I tend to whine about my health issues and use them to get out of working out, so new goal is to minimize that as much as possible and just keep at it.  I was on SUCH a roll in Texas and I’ve let things go to hell.

On the plus side our financial situation has improved.  We’ve been kind of good about sticking to a budget, though some surprise expenses this month have reminded me that buckling down is a priority.  We recently worked up our credit and put enough money aside to buy a Saturn Vue for my birthday and I love it.  It’s a 2005 but it’s in awesome shape.  On the exciting side, I had to learn how to drive standard.  It’s been…  Um.  Exciting.


My awesome truck in her first snow. She’s pretty and the snow hides the dirt.

I’m going to try and make my next few posts more organized and focused, this was just kind of a verbal explosion as I got back in the saddle.  So Hi Blog, I missed you!


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