work work work

Ugh, I’m so lazy.  Diet’s going great, down to an almost not humiliating number on the scale.  Another 15 pounds and  I will post the number here!  My diet buddy, the Professor, is doing better than me but he likes to remind me that this is because he had further to go.  I think he is trying to talk me off a ledge but whatever.  I took River and Bender for a jog today, about half a mile.  It took fifteen minutes, after which I straight up  felt my lungs implode.


No, I don’t care if that’s not actually physically possible.


I’m hitting one of my crazy motivated spurts again, hopefully this one lasts for a while.  I decided to give up tea for lent (I’m not Christian, I just like the discipline of giving something up for a set amount of time).  Squeaky wants to protest that.  TOUGH FOR HER.  As I recall I gave up the tea, caffeine, and processed sugar for Lent last year and I lost like 12 pounds, so let’s get back to that!  You know, I’m kind of tempted to do a Girl Scout Cookie binge tonight and give it all up again this year.  Or I could go full Paleo for Lent, that’s a fun and slow suicide.  I will have to give this some thought tonight.

Photography is going well, it’s painstakingly slow but progress is being made and really that’s what counts.  My website is now not only pretty but can be found by Google, which I consider a plus.  I mean sure it’s on page eight of the search but that’s not the important part.  I have no friggin idea how people do this crap, I’m making it up as I go along.  If any of you know any more about SEO tagging than I do, speak now!

I’ll also be going to school to finish my degree next semester which is both exciting and depressing (you know, that whole knocking on 30 while I get an Associates Degree part), and I’m torn on how annoyed I am that the school only accepted two of my transferred classes.  Basically I now have to retake all my basics or try to test out of them, but on the other hand I’m going to have a way higher GPA now because I had a bunch of failed classes and Incompletes as a result of my wayward and misspent youth.


Completely unrelated, I’m watching Julie and Julia (not a good program to watch whilst dieting) and I find myself craving artichokes and sauteed mushrooms.  Not together.  Maybe together.  Whatever.

Debt is still borderline out of control, this winter was SO much more hard that we realized, financially.  People kept telling us it was bad in the winter here but we thought they were exaggerating because the summer months were so good to us.  Lesson learned.  Luckily we have some pretty great friends/landlords who are giving us time to recover and pay the bills when we’re able to.

Growing up sucks.

I keep hearing great things about the Dave Ramsey method but I’ve also heard it’s extremely religion heavy and I’m concerned I’ll tune out the actual message because that aspect of it is distracting me.  I’m going to try to give it a read anyway because the worst thing I can do is try, right?  If it doesn’t work I’ll find another method that does.

They really need to put home economics classes back in schools.

Well, that’ll do it for now.  Check back next week for more exciting adventures!

OH!  I’m retraining our dogs using the Cesar Milan method he explains in his book, “Cesar’s Way”.  It’s working like gangbusters and I highly recommend it.


Do you wanna build a snowman?

Because this would be a good time, since we’re ass deep in snow and disobedient dogs.  I have joined Weight Watchers, something I have been STRINGENTLY against for years now.  What have I learned?  That I’m a damn fool and should have done it ages ago.  I’ve consistently lost at least 1 pound a week since I joined and am well on my way back to my goal weight.  There was -one- week where I admit I gained a pound back and in retrospect, that was the week I tried to cheat the system and wasn’t reporting all my points. 

Please don’t ask me why I was lying to a computer program I paid for.  I’m not saying it made sense, I’m saying Oreos are addictive and I am a weak person.

I’ve been maintaining having a focus for each day.  Admittedly lately the focus is usually “Get to work alive” or “Don’t slip, fall, and break your ankle while you’re so far away from people that no one will hear you screaming and you’ll either freeze to death or be eaten by a bear”.

I’m getting a bunch of friends together to do the incline in a couple of weeks, once the snow has burned off.  I’d like to take all the dogs but I’m afraid they’ll wear out crazy fast and I can’t ask people to carry an 80 pound pit bull.  I’ll probably just take River, I can throw her over my shoulders when she gets tired.

Oh, speaking of completely different topics, Squeaky got me the most amazing Christmas present ever!  She rented studio space for us at a local art gallery, it’s a really amazing place full of some insanely talented people.  I honestly don’t feel like I belong there at all, since all I do is portrait work and right now I’m not doing much of anything.  She keeps telling me to shut my mouth.

I have a new diet buddy, The Professor.  He’s basically my best friend in Colorado (not counting Squeaky) and he’s pretty awesome.  We’ve discovered our dynamic is basically the Doctor and Donna Noble but he assures me I look much more like Rose.  Or something.  Anyway he’s cool and lets me boss him around when we go out to eat which in turn keeps me in line.  Basically we always do what he wanted to do but we do it on my terms, which is a perfect compromise I think.  

The Fella loves him to bits and pieces, as does River, so I think he’s a keeper.

My hands smell like Roses because of some sweet lotion but it’s really distracting.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with one of my long term clients to do her baby’s 9 month planning and apparently her dad (my graphic designer) would like to hire me to do some sort of family portrait session which I think could be really interesting.

Uh.  I’ve seen Frozen like 15 times.  I think that summarizes what I’ve been up to?

Oh, we went to Texas and Bender’s stomach erupted about 30 minutes into the drive, it was fantastically awful.

Just when you thought your lungs had made a full recovery…

Wrong wrong wrong.  Some idiot brought their cold to work, now I have it.  THANKS.  But I have been really behaving and minding my points and as a result I lost 4 pounds as of my weigh in yesterday morning.  I’m pretty proud of that.  I just treat the point system like a game.  My primary exercise is the dog park right now, I go for about two hours three times  week.  I’ve been taking my iPod and using the pedometer feature to track myself and usually at the end of the trip I’ve jogged/walked about three to five miles.  Not too shabby, really.

I’ve come to realize I’m pretty goddamn lazy so I like WW because it’s kind of passive?  It’s something I can do on a lazy day and not feel bad but it does motivate me to go work out.  I’m still focused on my arms.  Thighs and stomach are really something that I’m only going to get after some weight loss, the muscle is there and solid but hidden under some chub that needs to go.  My arms, on the other hand, are a squishy region that looks like a stuffed sausage.

Squeaky gets home today, she’s been gone for like 10 days and  super missed her.  We don’t really get any time to hang out because of our work schedules but we’re working on it and I like being around her even if we’re just watching TV.  She has a soothing presence.  I wanted to get the studio painted while she was away but between Christmas and getting sick that didn’t work out.  Lame sauce.

Still working on having a focus for each day.  Today’s is getting my chores done, the living room and sweeping and vacuuming.  I’m also going to try and make time to set up my tripod and use it a bit today, it’s snowing and very pretty so not a bad time to do a little landscape work.  I’m still learning a lot from experimenting with manual settings and lenses.  I had to call out for work today and yesterday so there won’t be much moving around but I’m starting to feel a little crazy from just sitting here coughing.  LAME SAUCE.

Anyone out there up to anything interesting or inspiring?  I could use a pick me up!


My wry amusement at the constant fever is clear here, right?

My wry amusement at the constant fever is clear here, right?

Lalala, holidays, lalala

Joined Weight Watchers for Christmas.  I’m actually enjoying it.  Over the last couple of months I’ve been switching to the paleo diet and utilizing for a lot of ideas and support, but I can’t ever seem to damage full paleo.  The Fella’s been mentioning I should try WW for months now and since he very seldom gets involved with my diet in any way other than being supportive I decided to give it a shot.  It’s been about a week now and so far I like it a lot, though I always feel like I’m cheating the system.  I did, however, talk several of my friends into joining it with me so I’ll have support.  It’s nice to feel full and satisfied on a diet.

Christmas was lovely, first one in ages where we both got to be home.  Alright, off to play video games and pass out, more later.

Let the slacking begin!

Yea.  So let’s talk about last week.  Tuesday night ended in my truck breaking down and a tequila drinking contest.  From there things got weirder.  Tuesday marks what was my last official workout, sooo.  Some shame.  Eating habits have been pretty great.  Today has been a little wild because of the “frenzy” which is what I call the ovulation time during which the Fella sleeps on the couch.  I eat like a maniac but I’ve actually still be pretty well behaved.  Although maybe curry for breakfast wasn’t my best plan?  I dunno.

chicken and veggies for dinner and a run first thing in the morning, paired with arms and abs.

Why do we fall down?

So we can get back up again.

I did get some exercise done today, took all four beasts to the dog park with McGruff and that was fun.   Tomorrow’s focus, after sweating, will be laundry and cleaning, and placing some orders for clients.  I did learn how to design custom greeting cards and templates which I’m very excited about.  I’m also catching up on Dr. Who, 11 isn’t so bad but 9 will always be my doctor.  I explained to the Fella that it’s not that I can’t handle the changes or that I can’t like another doctor, but everyone connects best with one doctor and mine was 9.

Yep, rambling.

Alright, back to fun and excitement, more later.

There’s more to life than being really, really, really rediculusly good looking.

Yesterday went exactly as expected.  Up at 6 to run, legs, and crunches, then a quick breakfast of egg sliders with hashbrowns.  Lunch was a light mocha from Starbucks (120 calories) and dinner was a handful of M&Ms and some hummus when I got home from the movie.

Thor was absolutely fantastic.  I loved the first movie and have probably watched it 10 times, but this one was much less cartoony.  The director was a better choice and he really struck the balance between the cartoon/supernatural feel and the realism in the rest of the Avengers series.  There were some amazing cameos, it was emotionally exhausting between the tragic turns and the fantastic humor.  I highly recommend it.


I’m so excited to see Captain America: Winter Soldier.

I love you, Captain America.

Today I was just not interested in a traditional workout.  That happens sometimes.  I knew I needed to do something, though, so I packed up three of the dogs and took them to the local dog park, Bear Creek.  It’s fantastic, well maintained, and they’re always worn out by the time we head back.

For those who don’t know me personally, I should explain that Delilah is a service animal.  As a result she doesn’t always come with me on my doggy adventures, as she needs to be with McGruff.  She is a great dog and they have an amazing bond.

We spent about three hours running around the park, the dogs had a lot of fun running in and out of the stream, chasing other dogs, and generally soaking themselves in mud.  I got a great workout trying to keep pace with them and keep them from jumping on other people!  I’m still going to run downstairs and do some arms/abs, but otherwise I feel pretty solid about my day.

For some reason I was craving peanut butter like crazy today so I  had an apple and peanut butter for breakfast and a PBJ for lunch.  Dinner will probably be some peanut curry and rice.  Exciting!

River and Trillian are going into the vet to be spayed in the morning so they got a desperately needed bath as soon as we got home.  The house now smells rather strongly of wet dog but it had to be done.  I’m a little anxious about the whole thing to be honest, I’ve never been away from River for more than a few hours and I’m afraid she’ll have an anxiety attack.  Or I could be way over-concerned.

For those of you (both of you) who are interested in dogs and dog ownership I’d just like to firmly state that if you plan to go to a breeder when there are kennels and pounds full of unwanted animals, you need to stop and reconsider.  Hundreds of dog rescues are looking for forever homes for the exact same kind of dog you’re considering paying $900 to buy out of someone’s backyard.  You can save a life and treat an animal to a life it might never otherwise know, one full of love and comfort.  Spay and neuter your animals, adopt your fur babies from the pound, and shut down the backyard breeder community.

This purebred chocolate pitbull is a rescue.  Look at that face.  LOOK AT THAT FACE!

This purebred chocolate pitbull is a rescue. Look at that face. LOOK AT THAT FACE!


Today’s focus was (probably obviously) the dogs.  I worked with them the whole time we were at the park and really feel like I made some progress.  Our dogs are trained in some somewhat un-traditional commands, like “too far” and “find the babies”.  Today I taught them a new one, “Good manners”.  Basically when they start swarming a smaller dog, or a dog who isn’t enjoying their attention, I tell them “good manners” and they back up and give the animal some space.  It also works when they’re jumping on someone.  It was a fun day, people complimented their good manners and how cute they the whole time we were there.  Bender is especially pretty so people mention it all the time.

Anyway, that was today.  Tomorrow’s focus will be organizing, including picking out some items to keep the bedroom in a civilized state.  The Fella definitely needs something for his nightstand as I once again found his $500 phone under the damn bed.  SIGH.


5 AM is dark and unpleasant.

As I learned when I climbed out of my very warm, soft bed, threw on a sports bra and shoes, and hopped onto the treadmill.  I finally did it, I finally got up for a run before work when “before work” didn’t mean mid-afternoon.  I ran a mile and a half and did arms and chest and crunches.  Very exciting.  River was very helpful, she waited until I was totally absorbed in my music before running up and barking at me.  Definitely awake after that!  Weird observation, my nose runs SUPER BAD when I’m running so I have to keep tissues on the treadmill.

Yesterday I was focused on working with River and I think it went pretty well.  We went for a walk, about a mile, and while on it we worked on her walking with good manners (not pulling the leash, not running across or behind me, listening to commands) and I made some progress with teaching her “lay down” and “eyes”.  The idea with “eyes” is that when I say it she has to look at my eyes and ignore the things going on around her.  It’ll take another few weeks but I’m confidant she’ll have it nailed pretty soon.    After that we’re going to focus on “stay” and some cute stuff like playing dead and “sit pretty”.  I’d really like to get her certified as a therapy dog.

Today’s focus was “don’t fall asleep at work”.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m off my game lately.  Mostly because this isn’t a career for me.  I’m focused on photography and this is just something to pay the bills so I don’t have to take out business loans.  I need to focus, with all the financial strains we’ve had this month we can’t afford for me to shrug off shifts and not try my hardest.

Sigh, self induced guilt.

Weirdly enough when I got off work I was exhausted but I wanted to come home and work out.  I didn’t, I don’t want to over-do it by going hardcore too fast, but I wanted to.

Tomorrow will be a 6am workout, a 9 hour shift, then Thor in the afternoon which will be fantastic.

Enough rambling today, I’ve got a snuggly puppy and Ironman.